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Hurricanes are devastating and destructive. Whether it results in catastrophic flooding or severe damage from winds, the end result is the loss of lives and property. In recent years we have seen this damage hit large metropolitan areas such as Hurricane Harvey in Houston Texas or beautiful beachfront communities such as those in Bay County Florida (Panama City).

     The insurance industry has generally responded in responsible and effective ways by setting up facilities and help stations to try and meet the immediate needs of their insured. However, there are many instances where the insurance that property owners have paid for is not readily available in speed and in money. The insurance companies are for profit companies and will do what they need to do to keep it that way. It is important for any insured party to know if they are signing any waivers or releases that would jeopardize them from getting the coverage they need.

Two things to consider:

1. Don't sign anything until you have reviewed it properly yourself or have had it reviewed by a professional.

2. Make sure that you get proper bids from contractors so that you will know what you are up against to bring your property back.

You can call anytime to speak to an attorney about your rights and for guidance in how to handle your insurance claim. Call 888-SAVE-HOM or locally in Panama City at 850-517-8920.

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